A New Year...A New Happiness Project

As I was reflecting on my very full and very colourful Happiness Project pages my mind was drifting to the New Year and how I would continue my practice of writing down one thing each day in my journal that makes me happy.

For 2017 I have decided that I am going to use one of my calendar layouts I designed for the Artsy Journal.  These calendars will be printed on parchment paper (one of my favourites) and will be back to back...no Notes pages on the back.

I wanted something different to inspire me and to expand my creativity so I have decided to use water colour as my means to add colour.

I love the airiness of watercolour...the light, muted tones and soft washes.  It is very peaceful to me.

I am going to go ahead and colour in my blocks a few months in advance and then write on top of the dried colour.  

In future posts I will talk about the watercolour I use, palette, affects on paper, my wash technique.

I am excited about this year's project...I hope you will join me and try it out.


Happiness Page Project - Celebrate Your Victories

Well I think you are well on your way with your Happiness Pages...I hope you are enjoying your project.

This week I want to share a variation or an addition you might like to add to your journal.  Celebrate your Victories..

This is the title plate I draw on the starting sheet, just like the Happiness Pages.  Next thing is to colour and shade.

This is the layout I came up with.  Seven boxes, one for each day of the week with ample room to right three fantastic things your did that day.  I made a mirror image on the facing page just to balance it out and make it pleasing to the eye though you can make your boxes any old way you choose.

Let's do what makes us happy and celebrate what makes us unique.

Enjoy your weekend friends and happy drawing.


Happiness Page Project - Colouring and Shading

So now that we have a few of our Happiness days filled in lets do some colouring.

With this smooth paper I like to use my Staedtler Norris Coloured pencils.  They are a dense lead which produces a highlighted effect.  I don't want my colouring to take away from my words, I want them to enhance the overall feel of the page.

In the month of April I used a orange/pink/purple combination.  I find these colours go very nicely together...they are very bright and cheery.

For the month of February I started with a blue/grey then eased into the green hues and finished with purples/pinks.  It's fun to play with your colours.  You could do themes for each month...that would be fun!

Highlight some words that you want to stand out...important to your entry and colour with a complimentary colour.

Something I love to do is shade the outside of the block a little darker than the centre so as to give the block some dimension.  You can see this on the February plate.  After I colour I use a soft white eraser to lift out some colour from the centre...it's like reverse shading.  I love this technique!!!

Have fun colouring this weekend.  Come on over to my Facebook Group and share some of your creations...I would love to see them!


Happiness Page Project - A bit of Lettering

Good Friday Morning friends...looking forward to a long weekend and a switch of seasons.

So we are well on our way to creating some wonderful Happiness Pages.  In my last post I promised some tips on a cool lettering for your pages.  I'm not sure where I saw this ( really have to write things down) but I incorporated the elongated letters into my own printing.

This is the upper case lettering I like to use most for titles.  It's in a way fancy like script but not too involved.  There are really only 9-10 letters that you would elongate...if you did too many it would all become very messy looking.  The 'H', 'M', 'N', 'R', are the most used and you can elongate them as much or as little as you want.

Here is the lower case letters.

These are the numbers I use for my day blocks.

This is a small example of the lettering at it's best for a title block.  As you can see I put the work on it's side running down length wise.  I rotated it for you to see better.

Next week we will do a bit of colouring.  I will show you my pallet of colours I find go well together.

Enjoy your doodling and don't forget to write down your Happiness every day.


Happiness Page Project - Laying out your page

Hello All, looking forward to the weekend?  I have decided that Friday was a good day to post about the Happiness Page project as most of us are happiest on Fridays and it gives you a chance to work at your pages all weekend.

So this weekend lets lay out your boxes for September.

I use basically three different shapes but feel free to explore many more.  I like the basic box using double lines, squiggly double lines and the cloud/scalloped edge as seen above.  These can be made any size to fit on your page.  I make long boxes, square, rectangular what ever suits your fancy.

The graph paper helps keep your box structure but if you have a good eye lined paper works.

This is my two page spread for September.  I alternate my month block from one page to the other but you can also put them in the same spot for easy access when looking for a particular date.

This year I put little leaves in the corners of my month block to make the stand out.

The key thing you need to keep in mind is the number of blocks you will need for the month.  For the most part it is either 30 or 31 which means 15 or 16 for your two page spread.  Use my spacing here to get a feel for your layout...you will find it easy to judge your own after you practice a little.

You can have extra spaces left which is perfect for adding little doodles or inspirational words.

As I fill in my blocks with my 'happiness thought' I colour them in as well.  Some months I choose a pallet others I pick on a whim.  I like to use my Norris colour Staedtler pencils for their very muted colour.  If you prefer markers test their saturation first before you commit to your page, they may bleed through.

Next week I will share with your a style of lettering I like to use for my month titles.

Happy Drawing this weekend.

If you have any questions drop my a line, I will help best I can.

Happiness Pages - Step One

As many of you know I am a huge fan of these disc journals.  If you are not familiar with them what makes them unique is that your paper is removable.  Yes, I said removable!  That means your layout or sections are not permanent which I believe is why many people are reluctant to use up journals...it's just so final.  I like to move my pages from section to section depending on what is needed.

I am really fond of this type of graph paper.  Grey lines which are framed so it gives you a boarder.  Staples used to have this paper for the 5.5x8.5 journals but I can't seem to find it in Canada anymore. I have created my own 'Think Pages' which I have available for purchase.  You can also make your own or use the lined paper which is provided with the journal.

This is the explanation plaque I have at the beginning of my Happiness section.  I came across this idea on Pinterest where the author was keeping her Happiness in a jar on pieces of paper.  I wanted to keep it a little more contained and portable so I came up with the Happiness Pages where we write in bubbles of different shapes on a two page spread.

We will start by opening your two pages.  These will be your facing pages to create one month of Happiness.  Happiness pages can be started at any time of the year.  I decided to do my pages by the month and date so I can look back at a particular time of the year and reflect on what was happening.

I pick a corner section to place my month block which varies in size depending on the month.  Still only two squares high but 6 long for short named months and 8 to 10 long for longer names.  I draw leaves on the corners of my boxes...it just gives it a little jazz, you can doodle anything on yours.

I use black ink for my bubbles as I like to colour in each as I fill up my pages but feel free to use what ever colour you like.

Next week we can begin to draw our bubbles, I will show you how I space things out.

Any questions just drop me a line.

See you soon,


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